Planning for an adventurous tour with your “Gang”? The Watersports package is the one made for you!

There is no doubt that Dubai has been a favorite travel destination for all. With all the exciting and thrilling activities and the calmness of Dubai Marina beaches has been attracting travelers from all over the globe. 

Need not worry of being an amaeture water skiing master, Dream Yacht crew is always behind you to help you to enjoy the ride.

Plan a water sport party with your friends which will never unsettle you.

Seawater has always been an attraction for water lovers. Curiosity and eagerness to know about the aquatic life by our guests is fulfilled by our experienced crew. Here’s a list of typical water sports items and activities that are made available.

  • Flyboarding – is an extreme water sport where we see athletes participate using the equipment called Flyboards
  • Jet Skiing – is a water sport to sail on the water with a jetski with many health benefits.
  • Banana boat ride – A fun and active ride on an inflatable boat i.e., in the shape of the banana, which is fun to ride with family and friends.
  • Donut ride – This ride is loved by the people who like speed boats and thrilling rides. We have an inflatable round donut shaped tube which is one of the most active water sports activities.
  • Speed boat Ride – This is yet another thrilling activity loved by the adventurous people, where the boat runs with an engine.
  • Swimming – Swimming is enjoyed by most of the travelers regardless of their age. The calm water allows you to chill and have a delightful time with your friends and family around. 
Get ready to experience the best while you visit the exotic city of Dubai with the most experienced and friendly Rental Yacht Charters in Dubai – Dream Yachts.