Creating moments is much needed than just a celebration!

Plan Your Special Occasions and make it a magical celebration on Luxury Yachts in Dubai Marina. Ever considered celebrating any of your life events on a sailing yacht, be it, honeymoon, wedding anniversaries, official parties, reunion or any other special occasions, there can never be a greater way of celebrating it than on a ship charter. Dream Yachts offers the most significant yacht packages for special events that helps you create moments with your loved ones. We also arrange romantic dates, pre and post wedding shoots, parties etc. We are capable of understanding the concept of your party and customising packages that completely suit your celebration.

Breathtaking views of the Dubai City, Palm Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, the skyscrapers and many other monumental architectures make any moment a very special one. A memorable honeymoon can be organised by booking a luxury boat for a romantic night for just the two of you.

Every anniversary is a little renewal of your love to you and your better half. That’s why it’s an excellent event and it’s really worth honoring this big day within the best way possible. The whole concept of sailing on a personal yacht with only the folks that you would like around can bring an event for itself.

Planning your engagement, wedding, reception or anniversary evening on a yacht, watching the sunset amidst the Arabian Sea, paired with a perfectly arranged yacht, could just be your impeccable celebration.

Gift your other half a surprise by booking the best anniversary luxury yachts at Dubai Marina with Dream Yachts, across the entire coastline of Dubai. Remember, these are precious moments that can be cherished lifelong and if you’ve got a chance, never let it go. Capture those special moments, and express how special your partner is for you!