Planning for a celebrational trip in a fanciful and a luxurious cruise with an ultimate romantic experience along with the wonderful meals and beverages? If Yes!, Look no further!

To begin with a perfect overnight Yachting honeymoon or a valentine’s day celebration or a night with your loved one please contact Rental Yacht Charters -Dream Yachts Dubai to choose your dream yacht.

With a boat charter, expect to have all the private time you want at your honeymoon. With no city rush and just calm waters surrounding you from all sides, depicts a perfect setting for an extravagant honeymoon.

Enjoy the exotic paradise and your time together and allow us to take the hassle out of your honeymoon yacht charter:

How our Overnight Packages work:

  • Our professional skipper will sail you around the Palm Jumeirah ananlso palm Atlantis while you relax in the deck and find the archaic View of many yachts and boats on water.
  • A candle light dinner above a vast water and enjoying the paradise under the moonlight cannot be expressed in words.
  • Find a plethora of facilities like WiFi connection, exquisite range 90of wines and other beverages, lavish bedrooms, music, dance floor and many more.
  • A live Barbeque – Our chef will get ready all your meals with delicious ingredients, allowing you to focus on each other.
  • A natural and customised yacht decoration as you desire.
  • Finally the Yacht stays on water for whole night leaving you enjoy every moment without bothering anything around the world

Contact us and we promise to make it grander than you imagined. This 5-star experience is the ultimate in luxury tours