Planning for a yachting holiday trip in Dubai with a lot of relaxation to your soul and feast to your tummy? This is the best package you could ever choose!


We offer finger licking, luscious cuisine options to be savoured on our yachts.

Departing from the popular Dubai Marina, explore all the tall landmarks with our amazing Luxury Yacht Tour experience Your tour experience is complete with a guide and freshly prepared BBQ by our experienced Chefs on board. All foods here are halal-certified. Yachting and the hot BBQ on your plate will be a gastronomic treat! 

We have options like BBQ skewers of chicken and kofta, salads, hummus, fishes, shrimp, meat and Arabic bread and expertly designed menus which are customisable. 

Minimum 3 hours of rental yachts must be booked to carry on the Live BBQ menu by our crew. For booking details please login to

A perfect BBQ spot would be your own private rental yacht in Dubai!