Want to make a dashing party with your birthday bash?

Dubai Marina Birthday Party Cruise might be just the right thing you are looking for! 

Party with your family and friends on private rental yachts or boats in Dubai Marina and kick back as you enjoy the dazzling skylines of Dubai, relaxing and enjoying the sight of iconic Burj Al-Arab and many other monumental stunning views.

Whether you are going to be 10 or 100, you can trust on it that birthday party yachting will be a fun filled experience for you and everyone around you.

Everyone needs an Amazing Birthday Experience!

  • Customised as per your choice, an experienced crew sets it up with the touch of magic.
  • Are you ready to throw a lavish birthday party, so be it! We have yachts that accommodate 30 – 100 people.
  • We also have economical birthday party packages that can host 10 to 25 people.
  • You can choose to celebrate underneath the sky or could be organized within.
  • As a token of love we present you a complementary cake and the yacht decorated beautifully with balloons.

We have specialized themes like BBQ theme, sport theme, fishing theme and many more to count. Opt for themes that showcase your personality and simply eat, drink , dance, enjoy and sway the evening away!